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WHAT IS DEBT-BASED CROWDFUNDING? Debt-based crowdfunding is another form of crowdfunding that is gaining attraction. This model of crowdfunding involves requesting support and resources from other investors in exchange for interest. Debt-based crowdfunding, which is also commonly referred to as “crowd lending”, has proven to be a great alternative for startups, because although it is similar to

Crowdfunding Rules In India: Is it Legal?

If you’re having a rock-solid project or a venture and you’re lacking money, the first thing you look for on the internet is ways to fund your venture. You discover an amazing practice known as “Crowdfunding”. Crowdfunding is nothing but raising money for your venture from a large number of people, especially over the internet.

Is Crowdfunding Legal India

Crowdfunding Legality in India There has been a lot of buzz about crowdfunding India being illegal in India and it is okay to have doubts about raising funds through crowdfunding. There is no good reason to be scared of crowdfunding. Recently, the Sahara group was sued for taking money from the crowd and paying it back with

Crowdfunding and its legal implications in India

The holy grail of a business eco-system is when good ideas can easily find backers and they come to fruition, making a nice packet for all parties concerned. That is the carrot that equity crowdfunding dangles to both entrepreneurs and investors – particularly in India where there is no dearth of either. Crowdfunding and its

Societal Engineering: What is it, and Why is it Valuable?

Societal Engineering is the study of the creation and influence of human societies. It is a field of social science, dealing with those social dynamics which operate on a large enough scale to affect entire populations. Various substudies would fall under the umbrella of societal engineering, such as religion, civics, power dynamics, propaganda, journalism, technology,

Starting a Crowdfunding campaign

FIVE REASONS WHY YOU MUST START A CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN FOR AN ENTREPRENEURIAL VENTURE We all have dreams, ideas that set our hearts on fire and keep us motivated. Dreaming is free; however, these ideas need capital to be brought to life. Not having the capital to take that idea, that product or service off the

Effect Of Social Media In Crowdfunding

HOW SOCIAL NETWORKING HELPS IN CROWDFUNDING For an entrepreneur considering using crowdfunding as a means of raising capital to run a business venture, you have to be social media savvy and be able to use social media to advance your ambitions. Fundraising has always been a part of our lives knowingly or unknowingly, in one

How to create the perfect fundraiser page

How to create perfect fundraiser page There is a saying that first-time impressions last the longest. This maxim plays out with force with the kind of fundraising page you create for a crowd-funding project, and this happens for a primary reason. To get an individual to part with his/her hard-earned money is akin to the