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How do Crowdfunding Work

WANT TO KNOW HOW CROWDFUNDING WORKS Crowdfunding is the act or practice of funding a project /cause by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people. It also goes by other names such as crowdsourcing and alternative finance. The concept of crowdsourcing funds itself through a number of channels including mail-order subscriptions, benefit events,

India’s top crowdfunding platforms

Crowdfunding Platforms in India reviewed in detail. Here on this article, various crowdfunding platforms will be compared. Please read more bout the crowdfunding legal implication here. Top 10 Crowdfunding websites in India The process of raising funds for an establishment through small contributions by a large amount of public is called crowdsourcing or crowdfunding. Here, a

6 Tips for Successfully Marketing Your Crowdfunding Campaign

It’s all about the money. When it comes to getting a new product off the ground, raising money for a cause, exploring growth opportunities for your small business and building your brand, crowdfunding offers a nontraditional way to reach non-conventional investors. Crowdfunding reaches a larger and more diversified pool of interest than many standard methods of raising