Fundraising Ideas for nonprofit organizations

If you run a non-profit organization, dedicated to the advancement of a cause/objective; it is safe to assume that financing is your major constraint.

The reasons for this situation are not far-fetched. For starters, you are in a sector that has gained considerable numbers over the last few decades. Therefore, competition for awards and grants is keenly contested.

Secondly, money is a resource that is up against a plethora of competing needs/wants.

These reasons are coupled with the fact that your non-profit organization will require funding for the entirety of its operations. So, how do you go about raising the necessary finances in ingenious ways that will ensure that you and your potential donors accept/embrace the importance of the project requiring funding?

Well, such methods will entail thinking outside the conventional norms and implement schemes and measures that create a common ground for you and your donors. In this light, the following ideas can serve you in good stead in your quest to raise needed capital for your non-profit organization:

A Birthday Fundraiser

Why? Birthdays are unique opportunities for people to start a noteworthy cause, especially with family, friends, and acquaintances in attendance. So while your guest’s wine and dine; you can also get them to align behind a cause or endeavor that you take to heart, as you hope they will as well.

How?  You can encourage your party audience to make financial pledges to a cause you are passionate about, instead of giving you birthday gifts. This system has worked well in the past. An example will suffice.

Neelesh Mishra, a Bollywood artist, helped raise money for his daughter Bharatiya Gramin Vidyalaya, on her first birthday. He used her birthday to reach out and touch the lives of underprivileged children in Uttar Pradesh region.

At the end of the celebration, he managed to raise Rs. 2,65,034 to fund a foundation for these underprivileged kids.

Work in concert with Corporate Bodies

Why? Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is fast becoming a staple feature of the activities of many businesses and concerns. In fact, many countries have laws that stipulate companies setting aside a part of their profits for the execution of social intervention plans. Your non-profit organization can identify businesses whose CSR policies align with your cause and partner with them.

How? Facilitate talks with a company that has the same interventionist goals as your non-profit. The aim is to gather employees and management of the business to stage fundraisers where the company’s clientele and other partners can make financial pledges. A perfect example involved Action Aid and Cactus Communication. The former is a non-profit organization that worked with the Communications giant in raising over Rs 6 million in providing dry ration and water to families in Latur.

Utilize News and Information

Why? Natural and human-made disasters that receive global coverage can form the basis for your non-profit receiving aid and support from existing and potential donors.  Unfortunate incidents like floods, earthquakes, tsunamis et al., have the ability to move individuals and corporate bodies into action, especially when your non-profit is seen in the thick of the action, providing help and succor to affected victims.

How? You can use the publicity to give a narration on the activities of your non-profit about the crisis on the ground. You can highlight areas that people and corporate bodies can donate to assist the work you do.

An example includes the work of Goonj. The non-profit organization raised awareness and funds for the provision of water purifying tablets, sanitation/cleaning material, utensils, school material and mats/bed sheets to victims of the  Chennai floods. The funds raised totaled Rs 2,232,696.

 Staging Charity Shows/Events

Why? Charity fairs/events have been a staple feature of the fundraising activities of non-profits for a long time. Your organization can crowdfund through bringing people and corporate bodies to drama shows, musical concerts, comedy skits as well as football games/sports.

For these charity events to achieve more, your non-profit can analyze the social interests of your existing and potential donors and organize these charities around those interests.

How? You can tie your fundraising activity to a leisure activity enjoyed by a broad spectrum of your supporters. A music show is a veritable tool you can use to raise funds for your non-profit. The non-profits, Magic India Foundation & United We Are Foundation collaborated with the notable Dj  Hardwell and the world of electronic music, to raise awareness and funds to help Indian children come out of poverty and have a shot at a better life.

These four fundraising ideas can be structured and patterned to the peculiarities of your non-profit organization. These ideas are a means to an end; so they can inspire you to come up with more ingenious ways to raise funds required for your body.

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