How to create the perfect fundraiser page

How to create perfect fundraiser page

There is a saying that first-time impressions last the longest. This maxim plays out with force with the kind of fundraising page you create for a crowd-funding project, and this happens for a primary reason. To get an individual to part with his/her hard-earned money is akin to the proverbial camel seeking passage through the eye of a needle. Especially with all the negative news that air daily, telling tales of financial fraud and discrepancies.

In the light of the above, it is critical to structure your fundraiser page in such a way that you put your best and TRUTHFUL foot forward. The following tips can serve as a guide for building a compelling fundraiser page:

Begin with an Introduction

It is best to create a connection with your target audience by a concise introduction. It is only natural that readers would like to know who you are, what cause(s) you are advancing as well as your core values and beliefs. So take the next few lines to talk about yourself, your organization, and your areas of interest/specialty among other enlightening information that can give your audience an immediate grasp of your endeavor.

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A rule of thumb that you can follow is to come across as professional but amiable/approachable. That way, you can build a rapprochement in a short time.

 Harp on the Reason/motivation

What events/happenings triggered the need for you to start a fundraiser in the first place? Was it a personal, life-changing ordeal or the loss of a loved one to a terminal disease? Whatever your motivation is, your best bet is communicating the reason(s) with your audience, so that your potential donors can understand and identify with your cause. In the same breadth, your story must have the capacity to move your following into taking the action you are soliciting.

Show how you plan to spend raised funds

It is only fair that whoever commits money in support of your crowdfunding activity must know how the money is utilized. It is not enough for you to claim to be transparent; you must show it in practical terms by giving periodic breakdowns of funds raised and spent. In this regard, you could, from time to time, post bank balance statements and as well as receipts for payments, on a section of the page. This action works well with medical/health fundraisers.

Be specific with the type of assistance required

Vagueness is your archenemy when it comes to setting up your fundraiser page. You must embrace clarity and specificity. That is the only way you can measure what progress you make during your crowdfunding activities. To this end, you should specify, in details, the ways people can assist with your project. Whether you desire a minimum contribution every month or you would have helpers spread your cause through their social media pages, you must clearly outline all the steps required in assisting your fundraiser.

Employ Visual aids (Videos and Images)

A picture, they say, is worth more than a thousand words. The veracity of this claim, once implemented, will boost the operations of your fundraising activities. It is a well-known fact that visual effects have a profound impact on viewers. In that vein, you should populate your pages with images/pictures and videos of all activities of your crowd funding project. These photos and videos should be vivid and of a high resolution. However, you do not have to break the bank with expensive photography equipment. Your smartphone, aptly deployed, will yield the same results.

Put these visual shots and captures on a dedicated section, so that your existing and potential donors/helpers can have an immediate grasp of your activities and what progress you are making, especially with their donations.

Provide Updates and Feedback

It is only logical that you reach out to your donors/helpers at determined periods. While it is true that we all have busy schedules, it is appropriate that you send updates on your fundraising activities to your audience. This course of action not only depicts you as being appreciative of their contributions but it also lets your donors stay connected to your cause over the long haul.

You can create a system where messages are periodically sent to the email addresses of your donors or notifications are given on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram et al.

Have a Robust Response Structure

Naturally, you would receive inquiries and questions from interested persons regarding your fundraiser. It is a sign of your commitment and professionalism to respond to these inquisitions in a timely fashion. There have been instances where people have pledged more than the requested fund because they received appropriate responses to their inquiries.

If you can afford it, your fundraising drive should have a dedicated staff, saddled with the responsibility of engaging with your target audience. In place of this, you could have a contact page, where you schedule a time to respond to the inquiries received through that medium.


While this list of guides is by no means exhaustive, you can start with these tips to achieving astonishing results in the shortest time possible with your crowdfunding activities.

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