There are people in the world like us who live with the burden of always wanting to lend a helping or volunteering hand to different causes and initiatives. If that thought is always in your mind and you always think of everything around your life vis-a-vis helping people then one way to take swift and meaningful action is to undertake a crowdfunding project for your idea.

Different ways to volunteer

There are a few stories that will drive home the need to understand the level of importance that which we all are supposed to attach to crowdfunding and it’s effects. These stories will show and explain to you how crowdfunding quietly but effectively become a way to volunteer.

Contribution is also volunteering

For us, there’s a subtle but powerful story of humanity behind (and with) every contribution, anyone makes to any cause. Taking a cue from this example – you go out of your way to affect a person’s life positively by just listening or reading a person’s story and without any coercion, you reach out by donating a little sum of money.

No matter how small that simple of money is, what it means is that you sent out your good wishes by contributing and you didn’t allow distance act as a barrier. What you’ve done invariably in that scenario is to help the person advance closer to his/her goals and aspirations.

We describe that single act of making a contribution as an unadulterated, kind and selfless act.

So to help save her from going totally blind in both eyes, a sum of Rs. 6,54,766 was raised from a fundraising initiative that had 366 people donating generously to. There’s probably no better way to touch a person’s life than giving what they need most to them in their trying periods. This woman from Zimbabwe had just gotten help from a bunch of people in India all with a simple crowdfunding initiative.

Even when it’s a project that doesn’t involve someone who is in dire need of help, there are a lot of people who have volunteered for projects and causes that’s synonymous to what they believe in and want to contribute to their fundraiser page.

Just recently, there was a railway beautification project in Mumbai during DaanUtsav. The Lilavatibai Podar High school began a fundraiser to help beautify the Andheri station and we’re able to raise as much as Rs. 6,99,912 via the support of 2070 people. This activity is one that was powered by the masses and taken up by them to and the people who contributed to this project most were essentially students.

The fusion of crowdfunding and technology is a combination without bounds because it is enabling more and more people to volunteer and make a dent/difference in the world through causes that you wouldn’t ordinarily be physically available to partake in.

Starting a fundraiser; a way of volunteering

Of course, great thoughts and ideas that shape the world are in the air every time and whenever you catch some, you’re stopped in your tracks by the need for funds to make these ideas a reality. You’re not alone; there are a lot of people in that same situation.

If there’s a need you’ve spotted that you feel you should contribute to in your own way, instead of giving more than you can comfortably you can easily start a fundraiser. This gives others around you the chance to be a part of that initiative by contributing in their own little way.

It’s most times surprising at how much can be gotten from people who want to help just the way you want to help. Like the saying goes, the more the merrier. So, apart from allowing others the opportunity to help, the impact I’d usually greater because of the increased involvement.

Not so long ago, we put up a tragic story of siblings who had a rare condition that caused their skin to be like that of a snake. In the process of trying to seek help for these children, an ex-campaigner amongst us then was able to spearhead a fundraiser for the children. Apart from raising up to Rs. 1,85,902, the inspiring initiative was featured in The Times Of India.

Invariably what it meant was that he was able to raise such a huge amount for these siblings with support from 124 other people and he also put their story up for a lot more people. If he had decided to lend a helping hand to these siblings all by himself, the extra things that happened as a result of the fundraiser would not have happened.

Sharing is also Volunteering

Our opinions and interests about things that matter to us are always crystal clear on our social media profiles and there numerous people who ask for help towards raising funds for varying reasons. These reasons vary from women empowerment, education, children, animal welfare, health and much more.

You can share these fundraising campaigns via social media to help assist the cause to get more support. Just by sharing the fundraiser, you’ve done a whole lot as other people will definitely see it and possibly donate to the cause.

In essence what all these mean is that you do not always need to give up on volunteering when you aren’t able to physically show up. These are other impactful and really resourceful ways to lend a hand or voice (whichever it is) to a cause and make things happen to create a better world.

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