Societal Engineering: What is it, and Why is it Valuable?

Societal Engineering is the study of the creation and influence of human societies. It is a field of social science, dealing with those social dynamics which operate on a large enough scale to affect entire populations.

Various substudies would fall under the umbrella of societal engineering, such as religion, civics, power dynamics, propaganda, journalism, technology, pharmacology, advertising, politics, entertainment, economics, psychology, cybernetics and others, and how these subjects influence society on the whole and the wellbeing of the individuals within it.
In today’s increasingly connected world of universal internet accessibility and social media dominance, the study of what changes the thought patterns and behaviors of a society holds an ever increasing importance.

There is this belief floating around that society somehow changes on its own, through the uncoordinated actions of the masses. That society is simply a random product of millions of individuals going about their lives, working in their own self interest. This is a small man’s worldview. The fact of the matter is there is a huge incentive to control the behavior of a population. If you can control behavior, you can gain power. The essence of power is the control of behavior.

If society is just a byproduct of individuated self-interest, then that would sort of imply that no one is out there trying to gain power — a silly conclusion, to be sure.

Look at the bigger picture here. Groups can be controlled. Control of a group means power taken from that group. People want power. So, groups are controlled. Knowing that, who do you want to be — the controller, or the controlled?

There have always been bits of information circling the academic world about the influencing of group behavior — but there has never been a subject dedicated entirely to this purpose. The aggregation and further development of this type of technology is very much in the interest of those who would reform their society to better suit their desires.

Have you ever been a leader in your life? Maybe the head of a sports team, or even just taking on a temporary role as leader of your social group? Remember the power that you felt when you realized that you were actually in control of the group’s actions? That you were the decision maker for your group?

I’ll bet that power felt good. And I’d be willing to bet that you would like that sort of control in whatever group you are a part of — be it your buddies at the pub, your bowling league, or even your country.
Power belongs in the hands of those who most know how to wield it. Power belongs to those who can take power for themselves.
The route to power is the route to population control. The manipulation of entire societies has been the ambition of great men since the beginning of history.

Societal engineering gives you the tools that you need to take control of the groups that you are a part of, and even build groups of your own. It is based on the most effective techniques of personal development and human interaction, and aimed at putting the user in control of his social environment.

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